Friday, 13 September 2013

With alteration in capital asset prices, the gains in each year of the expected life of an investment project requires a readjustment of the return rates and discount rates. The internal rate of return could make the stream of discounted net benefits equal to the initial capital cost. The projects with high net present value may not record high internal rate of return with adjusted market data while deriving an estimate of the social surplus associated with the project in determining net worth. It is the social rate of discount and the cost of capital which decides the allocation of resources between the public and private sector. The social time preference rate is to lead to the emergence of the modern state,  from the spallated hypothetical global state and the  time required for restoration of the third state which  is the proposition put forward in Legum Baccalaureus ( New Age Books) when the issue of uncertainty is dealt with. Neutrality, Political Robustness and compatibility appear as major considerations in collective decision making.

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