Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Critical rationality has the attention vector in locally bounded topological vector space and thermal equations have chaotic motion absorbed at the boundary of the tubes, it can be barrelled and with conditions of variants of reflexivity stereotyped. When norms do not change, the second order eigen-forms of perceived worlds interact with the world to produce stabilities that become the object of perception. Objects and eigen- forms can have varying degrees of reality. Any object in the world provides a conceptual centre to explore relationships. Attention has a selection in space and time and the attention process originates from endogenous factors or exogenous stimuli. With the change of order of predicates h, g on propositional p, with p,h,g being genus surface, we are changing the order within the same class of predicates(gamma) leaving the other class of predicates of accident(beta), further ,for hyperbolic functions, h(0) = 0 and h'(0)  are invertible for re-parametrization invariance.